Dream Marketing has the best proven track record in Japan.
Dream Marketing has fulfilled the sales progress of the leading companies in Fukuoka, Kyushu and

management principles To make people's all around the world dreams come true.
vision Aiming to be the best company can make people, companies and towns happy with the power of Marketing.
action agenda ―Everything is for the client's success.
―Following rule of nature and getting the overall picture of the client.
―Pursuing the distillate and devoting to give objective advice
―Making client more energetic by empathizing and depicting future image
―Depicting the whole stories of the company itself ,commodity etc and aiming to achieve the optimization.
corporate name and location Dream Marketing inc 1-9-17-15F Tenjin Chuouku Fukuoka Japan 810-0001
TEL +81-92-674-4112 FAX +81-92-674-4122
company formation:December 1999
president Katsutoshi Wakita
kind of business management consulting firm,business advisor
supporting management.
Acknowledged and registered as authorized consultant at Chamber of Commerce of Fukuoka authorized consultant at Chamber of Commerce of Kitakyushu and many other authorized consultant of local towns.
Business partner Wakita total printing Inc.
Kobayashi Consulting Firm Inc.(Hawaii)
Ito & Tay Associates(Singapore) and many other.

Client companies

Industry specification

kind of business the number of consulting
service industry 912
restaurant ,cafe business 840
retailing industry 685
manufacturing business 610
artist 417
wholesale 355
IT 351
consulting 219
education business 212
mail order 212
real estate 141
tax accountant 72
total 5026

Each size

by size the number of consulting
fledgling,less than 10 million annual business 982
more than 10 million less than 50 million annual business 1077
more than 50 million less than 300 million annual business 1002
more than 300 million less than 1 billion annual business 875
more than 1 billion less than 5 billion annual business 525
more than 5 billion less than 10 billion annual business 320
more than 10 billion 245
total 5026

If you have any prospects of entering into Fukuoka or Kyushu,or are interested in selling
Japanese commercial products to overseas, please contact us.